Collected Treasures Farm​
Breeder of FHANA/KFPS Friesian Horses
Here the treasures abound but they are not of the gold that gleams and glitters in the sun but rather the kind that glistens black, and softly whinnies your name...
Welcome our newest jewel here at the farm...Khloertsje CTF .     > 
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Our foundation broodmare shown by me... She is a wonderful mare with a great pedigree for you to build your breeding program from. With a golden character and sportability demonstrated in the show ring, she is always easy for this extreme part time amateur rider/owner to enjoy in dressage!

WELCOME! Dreaming of owning a Friesian? I can help because I understand. I had dreamed for 20 years of owning a Friesian before I was able to make it a reality. It would be my pleasure to provide you with a jewel from my farm. Call or email and I will help and support you with my knowledge and experience gained in the last 30 years I have owned horses and 20 years getting to know (and continuing to learn about) the Friesian horse. I am a current FHANA member and can help you take that leap into owning a Friesian if you haven't already!
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Where your next treasure can be found!
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